New Moon

As embarrassing it is to admit it, yes, I did go to the New Moon premiere and yes, I did dress up — as Bella. It could be worse, though, right? I mean, I didn’t have to put glitter on my body or put red contacts in my eyes. I was just your average near 30 curvaceous matron dressing like a skinny 17-year-old girl. Except I avoided skinny jeans. Here is my costume (please, please PLEASE ignore the life-size cutouts):

The green camp shirt by Old Navy, dark jeans and Keds Champions (not visible in photo) were directly inspired by a still photo from the set, but I figured I could have a little fun dressing up and still be a bit normal. Okay, LOOK normal. There IS a difference.

Hair and makeup were also a factor in choosing my character and costume. Bella’s look is natural and I am a low-maintenance kind of gal. As in, I wear mascara for evening weddings — maybe four times a year. Ironically, imitating Bella’s makeup included eye cosmetics. But since I liked the look (I even accidentally wore my costume one night), I found the absolute least I could do while still finishing it:

A cosmotoligist would probably cry anathema but I don’t bother to highlight my brow line or the corners of my inner lids or to use even two shades of eye shadow. I have a creamy silver shade that I use on my lids. I curl my eyelashes and use mascara only on the inner top lashes and then eyeliner only on the outer bottom lash line — just where the black thins out a bit. It’s not a camera face, but it’s in character and fits my character as well.


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