Firefly Fun

Me as Inara SerraOkay, so, that one time I dressed up as a character was apparently not a fluke. Blame it on my friend Becky, hostess of costume parties for every season of the year. And Joss Whedon, director of Firefly . Because I did it again; this time, instead of dressing up as an au-naturale highschooler, I dressed up as a gussied up, eh hem, companion.

And you know what? I loved this look, too. Even more. The problem is it’s not always appropriate to run errands in gold and pink eye shadow up to the brows and deep red lipstick. However, I’ve tried to capture the feminine look without, well, looking like a companion.

I highlight the insides of my eyelids with gold, swipe the lid with pink and instead of deep red lipstick I use pink lipgloss. This means pink blush and it is a lot of pink but it is fun and I highly recommend it for feeling flirty but not floosy.


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