Gold Fever Wings

When Micah and I have a fever – Gold Fever, that is – we usually go to Pub 99. But lately we have been catching the fever oftener than a mosquito-bitten *Equatorian – a case which obviously isn’t financially feasible. So we decided to make our own Gold Fever Boneless Chicken Wings and one night sat down with tiny bowls, tiny spatulas, a glass of water as a palette cleanser, sticky notes and bottles of barbeque sauce, mustard, honey and hot sauce.

One of our first attempts at recreating the delicious sauce was thus –

2 parts BBQ
2 part mustard
1 part honey

– but it was too skewed towards the barbeque flavor.

We decided to add the hot sauce in a similar ratio –

3 parts BBQ
2 parts mustard
1 part hot sauce
1 part honey

– but this, also, was too barbeque-y.

It was time to up the ante by getting creative with our ratios and – bingo! – we found our recipe:

6 parts BBQ
6 parts mustard
2 parts honey
1 part cayenne pepper sauce

We used teaspoons and it was enough sauce to cover a bag of chicken tenders. We tossed them in a bowl with the sauce and ate all but one tender. We duplicated the recipe the next day and it was just as yummy!

Try it and tell me what you think!  Did you enjoy the recipe?  Do you think we got it right?

*Equatorian: a person who resides in any of the countries geographically located along the equator.


19 thoughts on “Gold Fever Wings

  1. Spot on enough that I don’t feel the need to tweek this any.

    The usual recipe of .5 cattleman’s and .5 red hot is trash.
    Thanks for your testing time and taste buds!.

  2. try equal parts Cattlemen’s Gold BBQ sauce and Frank’s RedHot Original or Xtra Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce. I found this online while looking for the recipe

  3. I am absolutely in love with these wings and I’m so glad you’ve posted this recipe! Are there any brands you would recommend to get it as close as possible to the real deal?

  4. We usually cook the chicken first and then toss it in the sauce. We’ve done frozen, pre-made tenders (our chicken of choice at the time of this posting; bake to package directions) but since then we’ve also tried wings. We like to bake wings at 350 until almost done and then immediately finish them on the grill or cast iron griddle. Let me know what you like best!

  5. This is practically perfect in every way. I was craving Gold Fever wings, but don’t really eat meat anymore, so this sauce recipe allowed me to make crispy cauliflower “wings” that, paired with the sauce, demolished that craving. Thank you!

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