The Wolfman

My husband and I love to watch movies but truth be told, we are also in kind of date night rut. So when we went out for our weekly ritual, we sort of resigned ourselves to seeing a just okay movie. Our conversation as we perused the titles of movies that started at eight was roughly as follows.

Micah: The Wolfman!

Me: Ugh. No. It’s Anthony Hopkins. He always plays a detached, creepy killer.

Micah: True. But it’s Anthony Hopkins in The Wolfman! How about From Paris with Love?

Me: It’s John Travolta and he says the “F” word more often than he speaks. Don’t ask me how that’s even possible but it’s true. How about The Blindside?

Micah: I am done with Sandra Bullock movies for the year. And you owe me for Dear John so I say The Wolfman.

So The Wolfman it was. I am not a fan of monster or even horror films but he had me with the chick flick I made him watch. The reason I do not like horror films is because they tend to be gory and have no plot. Such is almost the case with The Wolfman. It certainly is gory, so I averted my eyes as much as I could; and I didn’t have nightmares last night because there is too much humor – not on purpose, mind you, but it is a laughable film.

The most humorous part of the movie is the costume/makeup of the werewolf. And the transformation effects. And the howling at the moon while perched upon the back of a gargoyle. And the running as a wolf but looking ridiculous and impeded and slow.

The non-humorous parts of the film are either sickening (I won’t get into the graphic detail here) or maddening (most of the so called horror is cheap tricks like dreams and visions instead of real events and tripping and falling while walking into a completely harmless situation) or eye-rolling. I rolled my eyes a lot at the acting. Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins are so typecast it’s – well, it’s not even funny. The only saving grace is Emily Blunt, who is so brilliant, I didn’t even recognize her at first (she is often cast as a sidekick instead of a heroine.)

Okay, I lied. There is more than one saving grace. The other is that there were so many similarities between The Wolfman and Twilight that I think it repelled my husband’s sarcastic remarks for many a – well, moon.


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