Fire + Ice

Since Micah and I wanted to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D and it was playing at the IMAX for half price, we spent our time before the late showing for which we had tickets in the Providence Place Mall (where the closest IMAX is). We hadn’t been in awhile and looked forward to dining again at Fire + Ice, a favorite. Fire + Ice is an all-you-can-eat buffet/hibachi restaurant where you pick raw ingredients (kept cold on ice in an area called the market) and hand them over for cooking on the grill.

This restaurant has always been ahead of the trends. Before it was a staple starter like chips and salsa, Fire + Ice served pita chips and hummus. Now it serves Edamame and ginger dressing. It is surprisingly tasty though it is touted as one of the most healthful foods on the planet.

My first trip up to the market I created an Asian stir fry with Udon noodles, sirloin steak, vegetables and teriyaki sauce. My second plate was a stir fry of glass noodles, chicken, pineapple and Thai curry. That’s part of the fun of Fire + Ice. Your courses can be traditional, as there is a salad bar, or more like seconds.

Besides stir fries, you can create pasta tosses, fajitas or sandwiches, including burgers. All kinds of dishes were represented on the grill as I, along with others, watched the chef quickly grill everything at once.

Occasionally you will get a really interactive chef, but our chef this night was a polite subdued. The second time I went up to the grill, he recognized me and asked how I had liked my first dish. In other restaurants, unless the chef comes out to greet you, you don’t get this kind of connection to the kitchen.

I always feel as though I could eat at Fire + Ice all night, but as I said, my chef remembered me….


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