Siam Square

My husband is in a Biggest Loser, office edition, competition so being the supportive wife I am, I let him pick the restaurant last night. He picked Siam Square, offering fine Thai cuisine, quite possibly my favorite. It was a win/win situation. He got to eat healthily and tastily, feeling as though he hit the food lottery rather than being deprived.

First of all, the atmosphere in Siam Square is that of fine dining, with quiet music, tasteful decoration and fresh table linens. And the prices are only slightly higher than that of an average family restaurant. So it’s win/win in that regard as well. Both of us sat down feeling relaxed because we weren’t being bombarded with the Top 40, promotions or a dangling bicycle over our heads and because we weren’t paying top dollar to eat in said peace.

We each ordered an appetizer of fresh spring rolls from the daily specials menu. The dish included two large, cold, sticky rolls stuffed with cold noodles, crisp lettuce and carrots, cilantro and basil chicken; a cup of peanut dressing and an artistic garnish. It was – scrumptious! Yes, scrumptious is the only word that can describe it. Not yummy or even tasty; they’re not crispy enough. Not just crispy, though; it’s not delicious enough. Scrumptious.

Micah’s entree was brown rice and red coconut curry chicken and vegetables while mine was another one of the daily specials, larb gai salad. We both enjoyed them immensely but about mine, let me just say, wow! First of all, if Thai food isn’t my favorite cuisine, it’s the kind of cold salads you get at baby showers or picnics. And larb gai is the best of both worlds – cold, fresh, spicy, flavorful. It is the complete opposite of a burger and fries, which though good as a comfort food, is just not the plethora of varieties of taste bud sensations. Rather than leaving saying, “Mm, that was good but I feel like a stuffed sausage” I was psyched that I had such an experience and energized. This was my first introduction to larb gai and I hope it won’t be the last time it’s offered at Siam Square.

Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve ever given a restaurant a completely positive review.  Hie yourself to Siam Square, like, NOW!


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