Toy Story 3

A couple of weeks ago, My husband and I headed out to the movie theater without a plan. All we knew was, we had to get there by 7, because all the movies play at either 7 or 9 and we didn’t want to hang around until 9 and get home later. But we love movies and see one almost anytime we can get free babysitting, so had seen most of the movies playing locally. We decided to check out the theaters off island and found Toy Story 3 playing in 3D at 8. We hesitated because it felt silly to watch a cartoon without our toddler. On purpose. But it was either that or Salt, which got horrible reviews. And quite frankly, I don’t want to watch it out of spite towards the film’s marketing, which piggybacked on the breaking news of the Russian spy ring. (Angelina Jolie even had the cajones to invite Anna Chapman to the premiere.)

Toy Story 3 it was. And at least it was in 3D. Our son would not have sat through the movie, let alone keep his glasses on. Guilt atoned. And we were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. Yet again, the Andy’s toys are separated from him and determined to be reunited. However, Andy is growing up and the toys’ fates must be decided: will they be put in the attic to wait for Andy’s kids, put on the curb for the trash to pick up, donated to a Shawshank Redemption style daycare, or – is there another option? Surprisingly, the Toy Story series does not get old. Rather, it matures and stays relevant. It also helps that we’ve probably never stopped caring about all the beloved characters, just like we still remember our childhood toys with fondness.

My husband and I did not regret our choice that night. The movie made us laugh, touched our hearts and even moved us to tears. (I thought, β€œWhat’s happening? I’m tearing up over a movie? Over a movie about TOYS?! Well, played, Pixar.”) It’s so hard to say with Pixar’s UP close in the running, but I believe Toy Story 3 is the best family film to date, because it’s directly relevant to almost everyone and across generations.


One thought on “Toy Story 3

  1. We went to see Toy Story 3 for our anniversary, and I was feeling the same thing about getting a babysitter so we could see a kids’ movie. πŸ™‚ There was a baby there about the same age as Savannah and she was so squirmy, so I knew it was worth the babysitter. πŸ™‚

    And, I completely agree with your assessment of the movie! I really enjoyed it, and it definitely brought tears to my eyes. I would love to own that whole trilogy.

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