Wharf Pub & Restaurant

Here is another post this month to make up for last month.

It was warm (and by warm, I mean not 15 degrees below the temperature of your freezer) today so I decided to go for a walk downtown. If I went on a walk, I wouldn’t have time to make dinner, so I planned on eating out. I hadn’t been to Wharf Pub and Restaurant in a long time but remembered that I really enjoyed the Reuben sandwich a couple of times. Yelp said it was kid-friendly, so I took my son on a date since we were a duo tonight.

Also since we weren’t our usual trio, I splurged on an appetizer. Eleven dollars is kind of expensive for nachos but the piling plate placed on our table could have fed a dozen:

We both enjoyed them very much but could not finish them!

As to being kid-friendly, Wharf Pub & Restaurant is one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in the city (Pub 99 and probably Pizza Hut being the others in this category). The establishment didn’t have any problem with my bringing in the stroller and as soon as the host saw his little guest, he provided a coloring place mat and a four pack of Crayola crayons. (Crayola is a big deal as any mom knows.) The candles on the table are LED so your toddler can find the button to turn them off but not blow them out. The kids’ menu is included in the regular menu and lists about four “Fun Pack” meals, about half the price of an adult sandwich platter.

Elijah had the grilled cheese with french fries and actually ate as much of the sandwich as the fries. I had to admit, it was grilled to golden perfection and looked pretty good to me as well. It helped that it is made with American cheese, as cheddar seems to be too sharp for the little guy to take in large doses.

The Wharf Pub does have a limited dinner menu of seafood, pasta, steak and ribs but specializes in sandwiches. I was in the particular mood for a sandwich tonight and also happen to sort of despise Panera Bread (I don’t like having someone microwave my pre-made meal, tossing it up onto the counter, yelling at me to come get it and instructing me on everything — even where I put my elbows.), the only other sandwich-for-dinner place. Instead of having to settle for the one of the two hot sandwiches at Panera that doesn’t come with mayonnaise and picking the Cuban because every time I get the Bacon Turkey Bravo it is as dry as a desert, I found I couldn’t easily decide among one of the turkey sandwiches, one of the roast beef sandwiches, the pastrami or the Reuben. The Philly cheese was also tempting. I finally settled on the hot roast beef sandwich on focaccia bread and got mustard instead of mayo.

Yum! The roast beef was thoroughly warmed through but not overdone; it was still very juicy. The focaccia was really soft and the green leaf lettuce, tomato and red onion were crisp and tasty. If I hadn’t just eaten about a fourth of the nachos, I’d have finished my sandwich, but I figured the sandwich would keep as a leftover and set back to work on the nachos until I had eaten half of them.

Our waitress was attentive (though we were the only table for most of the evening) without hovering and took care to clear our appetizer, refill our drinks and ask how our meals after we had a chance to try them.

I suggest the Wharf Pub over Panera for sandwiches in Newport anytime. (It doesn’t offer as many soups — mostly chili, chowder and bisque — but does offer a substantial variety of salads.) The prices are comparable, the selection is better, the food is fresh and the service is great.


5 thoughts on “Wharf Pub & Restaurant

  1. How funny – we just went to Panera today! We haven’t been out to eat in ages, but were out running errands anyway. I’ve always loved Panera’s Asiago Roast Beef sandwich, and it’s always tasted fresh to me. I tend to stick to favorites when I find something I like, so I can’t report on the other menu items.

  2. PS – I love your dinner dates with Elijah! If I get a chance, I’ll have to take just Gwen out on a mommy-daughter date, since J tends to hog my attention, being the “baby” ‘n’ all.

    • Something about they’re not allowed to put anything on the grill except paninis.

      Yeah, the chicken on the salad is cold, though, and besides the one in Newport always forgets one of the salad toppers (or runs out and just doesn’t tell you).

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