Product Review: Cami Secret

WARNING:  In this post I review a product made for females called Cami Secret.   For those of you dudes who don’t know, camisoles are what gals wear for modesty.   Hence, this review is not safe for the opposite sex (especially dads)!

At first it seemed like the perfect solution and I needed one.   Being pregnant adds curves everywhere, but maternity clothing does not seem to account especially for the fact that you are not just growing a baby in your uterus but you are also growing the Twins.  IfyouknowwhatImean.   Maternity dresses such as this wrap dress

Wrap Maternity Dressare comfortable, versatile (you can wear it as a nursing mom)  and — very revealing.   The solution?  Camisoles, of course.  But not so fast.

First, you need a maternity camisole to accommodate that baby bump.  Plus sizes will be cut too wide on the top.   But not just any maternity camisole will do.  Nursing camisoles

have a shelf bra, a.k.a. the teeniest, tiniest, flimsiest bra known to womankind.   I mean, isn’t the whole point for the shelf to go, you know, under the boobs?  And again, you can’t simply buy a larger size, because the cut won’t be right.

That leaves us with just a plain, old maternity cami.

Great —  problem solved, right?   Maybe, if you’re lucky.   But even if you’re so lucky as to find one with adjustable straps, the stretchiness of the cami will mean that it just gets tugged down into a revealing position anyway.

I’ve tried layering with tank tops, but all that fabric under a plunging neckline just doesn’t look right.   Sweaters and scarves are okay, but not for the summer.  You really do want a cami, but just can’t find one to work for you.

Cami Secret promises to do that.   It’s not a full cami, but basically a modesty bib that you clip to your bra.   You can adjust it to the perfect height and then, viola — it just stays there, right where you need it, in the amount of coverage you want.   It sounds like such a good idea, I bought a pack.

Then I discovered that Cami Secret, despite it’s claims that it is perfect for both “petit” and “full figures,” is not adequate for full figures.

Here’s why. Add some curve to this woman’s figure and as that gap between her bra and the cami becomes larger, you have more and more of a problem.   Although your bra might not show under your dress, that gap does and the cami scrunches up in the middle, too.

Long story short, there’s not enough fabric.   When I held up the cami to my husbund, I said, “What’s wrong with this?”  His immediate reply, “Your cleavage is bigger than that!”

Oh well.  It was a good try for $9.99, I guess.  At 7 months pregnant, I’d really like to wear some nice spring dresses, though.   Any other ladies have a problem with finding modest maternity wear?  Have you found any solutions?


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Cami Secret

  1. I hope it’s okay that I was laughing the whole way through this! I particularly enjoyed the exchange between you and Micah. Whereas I’ve never had a problem being large-chested, I do understand trying to modestly cover up. My biggest issue these days is that I’m too small for my bras, and I feel self-conscious w/o one.

    Camis have never really appealed to me, because they’re usually too thin and flimsy and tend to shift around underneath a layer (I suppose if you’re wearing them under a blouse or dress it may work better).

    I’ve worn all sorts of tank tops, and since my chest is so small, when it fits on bottom, the top is too large. I have to cinch the straps to the tightest setting, and then it’s all the way underneath my armpits with the chest still saggy. *sigh* I usually end up opting for a smaller size because of this, and since it’s worn underneath clothing, I don’t feel self-conscious about my shape showing through. My favorite one so far I got from Kohl’s; it has lace edging on the top and bottom, so it’s cute peeking out from clothing.

    I honestly think it’s a brand/cut thing. Like you said, a tank top has too much fabric, but there are so many types of tanks out there nowadays in different cuts and styles. Some of them so thin I wouldn’t wear them on their own! But for layering – sure. I think it’s like any quest for The Perfect Thing… the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white shirt, the perfect black dress, the perfect bra… that’s why when you find one you like you buy a whole bunch!

    Have you ever considered a camisole bra? There’s lots out there, but something like this:

  2. Heh, I guess it’s kind of funny. I know what you mean about the sides all the way up to your armpits; oftentimes camis are cut so low, I have to adjust them like that so that the top covers my cleavage. Very annoying. The camisole bra sounds like a great solution! I’ll have to shop around and see if anyone has it in my size….

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