Welcome to my niche! I’ve been blogging on various platforms since 1998. I’m a toddler toter, literature lover and foodie.

A bit of a bon vivant, I detested chocolate as a little girl because I never had anything except Hershey’s. Once I had a piece of Godiva, however, I became the world’s greatest chocolate lover. I have a running list of the world’s best brands — ranked.

I love exploring cultural experiences, even if it’s just the book shop around the corner. While I’m soaking up life, I like to think I contribute to society by recommending some of the things I’ve tried.

At home, if I’m not planning my next outing, catching up on cleaning, or cooking, I might have time to catch up on the news and issues or enjoy a book or movie. But most of my reading involves picture books these days and I think Goodnight, Moon has already been reviewed.

If you like food (and who doesn’t?), film and culture, I hope you find my reviews educational, entertaining and edifying. My post popular post will show you how to make 99 Gold Fever Wings. But if cooking’s not your thing, check out my restaurant reviews.

My favorite posts are opinions on things that go below the surface, such as the time I wrote about racism, the surprisingly controversial Harry Potter series (I don’t know why it’s questionable; it’s a classic. Just read it! Then read my review and tell me what you think.) and the definitely controversial Park 51 proposal. As the World Wide Web has grown, I’ve, like many, been hesitant to make myself vulnerable; I’ve taken advantage of new “Privacy Settings,” and my blogging has moved from memoir style writing to more formal reviews. But once in awhile, I take advantage of the blogging platform to speak my mind. This means I’ve thought about it and am ready to take the plunge into lively debate, so please dialogue with me. Just remember to me kind!

I post somewhat sporadically, so I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed. You may also contact me at NicholeLNelson (at) gmail (dot) com.

Some of you have been following me since the beginning, others somewhere in the middle and yet others just recently.  I am grateful to have all of you here.  Thanks so much for your readership!