Being home-schooled for my primary education made me a successful student in secondary and higher education. After working a year to save enough money for a semester of college at Columbia International University, I earned a certificate in Bible. I had maxed out my loans after a year, though, and had to return home to attend Bristol Community College. It was a great opportunity that helped me win a scholarship to Bridgewater State University, where all my expectations of the educational experience were exceeded and I earned a Bachelour of Arts in English with a concentration in writing.

Work Experience

I often worked three jobs at a time to put myself through college and since my life situations kept me moving from place to place, I’ve held quite a large number of jobs over my relatively short life. I became a jack of all trades, master of none (except, I like to think, where my education trained me well and my passions lie). I am grateful for my retail experience, since I am a more educated consumer, and for my time working in a medical office, as I am more informed about how my insurance works. Babysitting and teaching children helped prepare me to be a mother. Serving food and coffee refined my knowledge and taste. Working in the library and at the Help Desk gave me a better understanding of the tools I used. But the most challenging and fun by far as been getting writing assignments from my editor or myself and completing them just as I would an academic paper. I have also had experience as a managing editor, which honed some of organizational skills.

Volunteering Experience

Reading — even college applications — and author’s editing is possibly my favorite thing to do.  I’ve also given my time to childcare, teaching, mentoring, grant research and serving on boards/panels.

Publication & Speaking Experience

I feel a compulsion to write about everything that makes sense.  I’ve written various articles ranging from personal interest stories to front page stories for a small-town newspaper, a welcome-new-students article for the school paper, event reports for religious papers and an academic paper regarding women writers in the 19th century for The Undergraduate Review. This was adapted into a presentation, on the misconception about so-called sentimental literature of the 19th century.


I’m passionate about women’s issues or other issues I’ve encountered in my life, either directly or indirectly, such as racism and poverty/homelessness and mental illness.  I am a firm believer that ignorance is the main reason for most of the world’s problems and education is the key to fixing them.


I’m also passionate about experiencing life. I like to eat and drink. Thanks to the great training I received at Starbucks as a barista, I am a coffee dilettante. I don’t have one regular drink, but I enjoy a repertoire, which I refer to according to my mood. When it’s chilly, I like Long Blacks, Cappuccinos, London Fogs, Chai Lattes and, of course, the old standbys of cuppa joe, apple cider, hot chocolate and a variety of teas.

Although I’m not a connoisseur, I also enjoy tasting wine. My current favorite is German Riesling Auslese but I also enjoy a great red, such as Malbec.

I love books. Some of my fondest childhood memories are those endless reading summers in which I gobbled up novels. My favorite novels are Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, the Twilight series, Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series and the Anne of Green Gables series.

My love of story spills into film. I love almost all film, even cheesy movies. A cheesy movie is great for instant gratification and if it’s not good, you can just make fun of it à la RiffTrax. Very rarely are movies so poor that they fail to entertain in any way and make me want to do penance for wasting two hours of my life. It is true they are out there and I’ve seen them, but, thankfully, there will never be a It’s All About Love 2.


I have been married eight years to a childhood friend, who shares my love of food and film. Micah remains the best and most loyal friend with which to experience life. He is also the father of my four-year-old son, Elijah, and two-year-old daughter, Liberty. Elijah is skeptical and curious like the two of us, an extrovert like my husband and fastidious like me. Liberty is a charmer: she is a quick learner and loves people. I (mostly) enjoy staying home with the kids for now.


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