The Ellaroo Wrap

Since a few moms have asked me about it, I thought I’d further share my enthusiasm for a specific type of baby carrier, the Ellaroo wrap. But, first, I admit this is not the only carrier I own. I carry my little one every day and I’ve found that different occasions call for different carriers. When Liberty (my girl of 11 months) was a newborn, she was cradled in a pouch, which is snug and secure because it does not slip. Now that she’s older, we love the ring sling I borrowed because my hands are mostly free and she is up front and can see what I’m doing. And when we go for a walk, I strap her on my back in the Boba and I am totally free while she is so content she might fall asleep there. Yes, that means I use four different carriers. In fact, I would love to try a Mei Tai and make it five.

But when someone asks what kind of carrier they should get, I always suggest a woven wrap. If you are going to own one carrier, it is the way to go. A wrap is an amazing carrier because it distributes the baby’s weight evenly and is therefore the most comfortable. It is very easily adjusted to a snug fit once you have it on. And it is the most versatile in terms of carrying positions. I originally bought mine so that I could nurse Liberty in it. I also keep it in the diaper bag because it takes up the least amount of room and it’s versatility means I am prepared for any occasion. It’s a plus that it looks good with just about anything I am wearing! And it’s the lightest, most breathable one I own.

I decided to go with a woven wrap because I’ve tried the stretchy one and did not like it: I had to adjust it every few minutes because it kept stretching and stretching as I moved until Elijah (my firstborn) was hanging down past my hips – so frustrating! A woven wrap is more secure due to the force being distributed in the different directions of the threads. It works not just for babies up to six months but for toddlers. Since my babies apparently tend to grow really quickly in the first year and I found myself at times carrying my son up until he was three years old, I knew this attribute was a must.

Why the Ellaroo wrap? It mostly came down to pricing. The Ellaroo is in the mid price range, which is where I tend to go when purchasing things, if I can. Here is a chart of the woven carriers I found, along with their pricing and other features.

The Bundleboo isn’t a traditional wrap; I wanted a wrap that could be put on without fussing over where the middle is. The Mamaroo company does not seem like a reliable company. The Ellaroo has all the features that are a necessity to me, it comes from a company that other businesses deal with, is available in different sizes – so you know it will fit – and looks beautiful. When it arrived at my home, I was very pleased with how it felt, especially after I washed it. (You do have to treat the fabric so the dye won’t run but it’s very easy to do. The only downside is that you can’t put the Ellaroo in the dryer or it will shrink.)

I got mine from This online store had the best selection for the best price at the time. My wrap came quickly and was enclosed with a friendly little note.

Did I forget to mention something? Ask me a question. Have something to share? Tell me which carrier you love!

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Product Review: Cami Secret

WARNING:  In this post I review a product made for females called Cami Secret.   For those of you dudes who don’t know, camisoles are what gals wear for modesty.   Hence, this review is not safe for the opposite sex (especially dads)!

At first it seemed like the perfect solution and I needed one.   Being pregnant adds curves everywhere, but maternity clothing does not seem to account especially for the fact that you are not just growing a baby in your uterus but you are also growing the Twins.  IfyouknowwhatImean.   Maternity dresses such as this wrap dress

Wrap Maternity Dressare comfortable, versatile (you can wear it as a nursing mom)  and — very revealing.   The solution?  Camisoles, of course.  But not so fast.

First, you need a maternity camisole to accommodate that baby bump.  Plus sizes will be cut too wide on the top.   But not just any maternity camisole will do.  Nursing camisoles

have a shelf bra, a.k.a. the teeniest, tiniest, flimsiest bra known to womankind.   I mean, isn’t the whole point for the shelf to go, you know, under the boobs?  And again, you can’t simply buy a larger size, because the cut won’t be right.

That leaves us with just a plain, old maternity cami.

Great —  problem solved, right?   Maybe, if you’re lucky.   But even if you’re so lucky as to find one with adjustable straps, the stretchiness of the cami will mean that it just gets tugged down into a revealing position anyway.

I’ve tried layering with tank tops, but all that fabric under a plunging neckline just doesn’t look right.   Sweaters and scarves are okay, but not for the summer.  You really do want a cami, but just can’t find one to work for you.

Cami Secret promises to do that.   It’s not a full cami, but basically a modesty bib that you clip to your bra.   You can adjust it to the perfect height and then, viola — it just stays there, right where you need it, in the amount of coverage you want.   It sounds like such a good idea, I bought a pack.

Then I discovered that Cami Secret, despite it’s claims that it is perfect for both “petit” and “full figures,” is not adequate for full figures.

Here’s why. Add some curve to this woman’s figure and as that gap between her bra and the cami becomes larger, you have more and more of a problem.   Although your bra might not show under your dress, that gap does and the cami scrunches up in the middle, too.

Long story short, there’s not enough fabric.   When I held up the cami to my husbund, I said, “What’s wrong with this?”  His immediate reply, “Your cleavage is bigger than that!”

Oh well.  It was a good try for $9.99, I guess.  At 7 months pregnant, I’d really like to wear some nice spring dresses, though.   Any other ladies have a problem with finding modest maternity wear?  Have you found any solutions?